Yes, I channel Prince and tell the world

The podcast where I speak at length about my connection with Prince in the afterlife is up! You can listen to it below. My friends tell me I talk fast when I’m excited so apparently, my fast-talking self was VERY excited. 🙂 It was great fun and I’m so glad that he invited me on.

Michael Dean took a risk in putting it out there but he did so in a kind and open-minded fashion and I very much appreciate that. I’ve been out of the closet with this work from the beginning but mostly among my friends, clients and those who happen to find me somehow. This was the first time I ventured into a space where the reception might not have been as warm and I have to admit, it was a bit challenging for me.

I live and work in a Woo and Woo-friendly world where it’s not unusual to talk about magic and wizards. Barely anyone blinks an eye about this kind of thing so I often forget that many, many people haven’t had experiences that would open them to these ideas. They are likely to be skeptical and some sail beyond Skeptic-ville and land squarely in Rude-town where they will scoff at you openly. Reading the comments on Michael Dean’s personal page was enlightening to say the least.

My point?
People won’t always understand what you’re doing (woo or not) or why you do it. They’ll question your motives and skills. When you are able to tune in to who you are and what is true for you, it goes a LONG way to help you stand tall.

Prince was like no one else before or since. He clearly knew his purpose and stayed true to it no matter what people said about him. (And lordy, people said some things, didn’t they?) His example helped remind me that this is the work of my soul and I go where I’m guided, regardless of judgments.

Here are his comments on that subject:

“It can be difficult to let people see who you are because the fears get amplified – yours for being vulnerable and theirs because they are so terrified of it – that it feels too big to deal with so we all walk around with masks on.

It’s only when you are willing to let that mask slip off (even a bit) that you will see what comes next. Until that time, all the steps you take are leading you in a direction that is false and what is the point of that, from a soul perspective?

You did not come into this incarnation to pretend to be someone/something you are not. You came to experience all the colors of your soul. Masking them out of fear will never, ever get you what you desire. Is it hard? Yes. I won’t lie. Is it worth it? Yes. I won’t lie there, either. As you read this, think about what mask(s) you are wearing and ask yourself what you are afraid of. Ask yourself what would happen if you left the mask home one day. What is the worst that can happen? Ask yourself. The answer will be very different than you expect. “

If you listen to the podcast, let me know what you thought. I’d love to hear. Also, feel free to leave feedback on the page itself (HERE) – let your voice be heard!

Take good care of YOU and maybe for today, set the mask on the side. Let it be an adventure.

With all love,
Lisa + Prince