Why is receiving so hard for us all?

Dearly Beloved,

Today, we’re talking about receiving. As in, why is that so difficult for almost everyone? We long for people to tell us they like us, they want to help us and be there for us. But when they ask “how can I help?” we respond “I’m fine. Thanks.” What? What? Did you not just wish for this? And you say NO?

You may know that in my last physical incarnation, I was famous (infamous?) for doing everything myself. I wrote songs, played all the instruments, produced the records, often designed my own clothes, did my hair better than anyone could, well, I could go on and on. Was I unable to receive? No. I chose when, how and where I received. (Yes, I had some control issues, we’ll get to that one day.)

I chose. Which means I allowed it in when I wanted to. Mostly, that was in front of an audience because that was like home camp for me. It was the space where I could be most me.

But I will tell you a secret: I had to practice receiving because in the beginning, I didn’t want the adulation or the attention (appearances to the contrary, I know). In truth, I was afraid to allow it in because I was concerned that I would look needy or that I’d get used to it and then it would disappear. So, I learned to rely on myself for most things (early on, like I said).

As I matured, though, I began to see that there’s a necessary component, that without out, everything goes out of balance. Giving —> Receiving —> Giving —> Receiving. See? It’s all a flow. You can give but then you must receive so that you can give and receive once more.

I asked Lisa to share the video below (a song called “Beginning Endlessly”) because it was me in full-on RECEIVE mode. I was on stage taking in the love, adulation and joy that everyone in the audience wanted to give. Look at me and then look at them and feel into the energy between us, enveloping us as one. (Even my band was in that flow!)

Had I not been able to truly receive it, we would have both lost the beauty in that moment. You understand that, yes?

When someone offers you something from their heart, please receive it. Please allow them in so that there is a flow between you. Balance is always and everything.

Until next time, beloved.

~ Prince ~

From Lisa: There’s a Facebook group out there called “We are the big Prince Fans” and they asked a super question:

“What did his life teach you?”

This was one of my favorite answers:

“To live it (life) abundantly, be wild while doing it, have #love4oneanother, give quietly without expectations or reward, seek the truth and believe in a higher power greater than you know and understand it’s the source from which all blessing flow, love someone and never stop, and all of those that made impression on your heart, share your dreams and gifts with all that deserve it! The world is a better place when they can live in your overflow (your gift).

…And since I’m left here, I might as well do like he did and cause much ruckus until it’s over and God calls me home!” ~ Charmyra E. Fleming

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