Why do people charge for spiritual work?

I sent an email to my list on Monday letting them know that Prince sessions were available again. Someone unsubscribed from the list with this comment: “I understand that you are a medium. However, if Prince has messages and is open to talking to his fans, he would not want you to charge a fee. This is something to be done out of love, not monetary means. It’s all about love and gratitude.”

I get it. There is a very common belief that those doing spiritual work in the world should do it for free. It should be an act of service, given freely from the heart. In a perfect world, that would be the case.

Thing is, we live in a non-perfect world that runs on money. The skills that allow me to connect with those on the other side and facilitate healing are just as important as the skills that allowed me to work in the financial services field for 33 years. I got paid there. Why would I not get paid here?

Beyond the skills I came into this life with, I have spent many, many years (and a fair amount of money that I earned in that previous career) to hone those skills, to learn how to work with others in a way that supports and faciliates empowerment. Because the work I do helps someone on a level beyond the physical, is it not valuable? Is it not worth someone’s money?

I say it is and will continue to charge for the work I do in the world. Standing up for lightworkers, shamans, priestesses and other healers is important to me. We are trusted sources of Light in this chaotic world and believe that there is more to life than what the human eyes can see. We are wayshowers and wisdom keepers, traditions that have existed in many forms since the beginning of time. It’s on me and others who do this work to own our value and worth in a society that wants to keep us in the space of “spiritual work should be free” for lots of reasons.

From a longer (and very worthwhile) post by Mary Shutan:

The idea that “spiritual people should not need or accept money” is really saying money is wrong and bad, and that money is something that someone who is truly spiritual doesn’t need or will magically appear. The truth is, if you are a spiritual healer, money does magically appear. In the form of patients you can help, in the form of a service for payment. This sentiment, that spiritual healers should not accept or need money, and are terrible people if they do, is simply a thoughtform. A thoughtform is a communal thought. In this case, it is like a bad game of telephone- people with a misunderstanding of how things worked with indigenous healer plus pop culture New-age Shamanism plus anger and fear equals this thought. And this thought doesn’t really make sense.

This thought is also a projection. If you are getting angry over money, or fear it, or are judging others for receiving it, having it, not having it… whatever the case may be… ultimately it points to your own unhealed wounds about money, not whoever you are projecting this on. What you see in others is your own unhealed wounds– and in this case it points to your own spiritual issues and money. Heal your own relationship with money, and you will realize that money is a current of energy- it either flows or it does not. And nobody is entitled to healing from anyone. If you cannot heal yourself, it is time to pay someone for their time, energy, and abilities.

Go read the rest of the post – you’ll see where this thoughtform came from and why it is misguided. I’m not upset at what my former reader wrote. She speaks for many, many people out there and I wanted to bring this conversation to my community.

What are your feelings about it? I’d love to hear in the comments below. 

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  1. It is what it is. I can’t afford sessions; if I could, I would buy them. I don’t and won’t begrudge others who can and do purchase your services, nor will I begrudge you, Lisa, for making a living.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Chris. I always like seeing you pop up in the Facebook group. Sending love your way.

  2. It is unfortunate that people have this belief. Lightworkers have a gift, a purpose, and a skill. We are here on this beautiful planet to serve a purpose. And when your gift is as clear as Lisa’s is, is is supposed to be your livelihood as well.
    Say hello to Prince for me, Iooking forward to talking to you both! 💜

    1. Kisha, thank you for your comment and your kind words. When Prince asked me to work with him, part of me wanted to say no and hide because I knew it would change my life. But, like you said, this IS who I am and what I do. There’s no hiding from that. And when I see all the good that has come from me stepping up and out with him, I wonder how I could have even contemplated saying no. Love to you.

  3. Here’s my 2 cents Lisa. What is it about money that is not spiritual? Money is energy, you’re energy , I”m energy, Prince is energy. I can’t really understand why charging money is not spiritual. I deeply appreciate your work Lisa, and you have to pay rent and buy food, so, YES you should charge for the work you do. How does one separate what is spiritual from what is not spiritual? It’s all energy , It’s all spiritual..
    I can’t wait for my session this Tuesday!!

    1. Yes, Marilyn, energy is everything, everything is energy. Thank you for your kind words and I so look forward to talking with you again! BIG LOVE to you!

  4. If you are not an energy worker or spiritual medium it may be hard for you to understand the space and time it takes to be in the vibration to be a channel. It must be valued like any other vocation. I payed plenty of money to go to concerts to see Prince 💜 and he was all about self worth. If you are not an energy worker and have a job, will you go to work and not get paid?? It’s a job a skill to do energy ( mediumship) work – so honor it when people are doing it. Take advantage of the discounts offered. If the money is not appearing for you to do it – then maybe it’s not the right time to do it. You may be more attuned then you realize! Please honor the people doing this work and value yourself by paying for it. Prince wants you to feel worthy and so do I 💜Namaste

    1. Shannon, thank you for your comment. “Prince wants you to feel worthy and so do I” – yes! He was all about “owning your masters” and this is my master(y) and I own it. 🙂 I trust that if I were doing something untoward in his name, he’d have plenty to say about it to me because in the afterlife, he is NOT shy. He will let you know what’s what. (He said my home office was too messy for him to work in and that I needed to get it together. Ha! I did.) Love and more to you, Shannon.

  5. I’m a messenger for Spirit and I don’t charge people for the messages they receive from their loved ones or guides. All messages I receive are divinely orchestrated. If someone needs to hear a message from their loved one or guides, Spirit will make a way for it to happen no matter where they live on this planet.

    I have known mediums who started out giving readings for free and then started charging and making large amounts of money and the money became the motivating factor. (I’m not referring to you, Lisa – smile -) I think that may be a reason why people have a problem with mediums who charge to give messages.

    To me, charging for messages is the same as charging for kind deeds, smiles and hugs. We’re all capable of communicating with spirit. We unknowingly do it every day. We just have to pay attention. But I know not everyone has the desire or thinks it’s possible so they rely on others who they think are more in tuned to Spirit to relay the messages.

    There are many who have an abundance of money and show their love and gratitude with that money and they are happy to pay for readings. Then there are those who struggle to put food on the table and are in need of connection with their loved ones and guides. Each need to have services offered to them in their circumstance. Readings shouldn’t be limited to only those who can afford to pay for them. You and I provide services to different circumstances. Neither is wrong.

    1. YES! This. Thank you, Namaste’ for your thoughts. We must always follow our inner knowing and act accordingly. You are doing just that and I honor you for it as it’s a choice you make that fits your soul. I appreciate YOU. (And love to you, too!)

  6. I do believe in the energy we have and the ability to connect with Spirit. I have read a couple articles of conversations with Prince but I personally didn’t see anything that proves it’s his spirit. It’s been very broad and generic statements. I have followed Prince since his first album and feel his spirit but have not been convinced yet that I would pay for the session that is supposed to connect with him.

    1. Hi Denise and thanks for your comment here. This is a beautiful lesson in discernment which I spoke about here (https://soundcloud.com/user-56472947/purple-saturation-lessons-in-discernment). If it doesn’t feel aligned and right for you, then it’s not. Perhaps another time or another channel? There are others out in the world also working with Prince in different ways. He’s everywhere, it seems. 🙂

      Love to you and I so appreciate you speaking up!

      As a general question, I wonder what kind of proof you’d need to feel like it’s THE Prince. Is it an inner knowing or maybe a way of phrasing something? The energy that he shows me in these sessions is kind, loving and not above giving someone a purple boot to the butt if they need that. He’s asked me to uplevel how I do things in about 50 different ways and reminded me that his friends called him a “positive nuisance” which is how he was early on. For me, it’s just a deep knowing and a trust. I’d love to hear what it would be for you, if you know that. (If anyone else wants to answer, please do!)

    2. From someone who wishes to remain anonymous:

      I honor everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this matter. But I felt a need to share my story because this topic feels deeply personal to me. I was not a Prince follower when he was in the physical. After he passed, I was oddly devastated. For six months, he was all I could think about, and I was in deep despair. Through the grace of God, I was led to Lisa, who connected me to Prince. He helped me understand our soul connection over many, many lifetimes, and in the process has become my best friend, confidant and spiritual teacher in this one. For the past 15 months, he has helped me in ways I can’t even begin to explain. Had it not been for Lisa, I would have never been able to open this spiritual door, and experience the love and understanding of all things divine that Prince brings to my life. Together, they are helping me along my path of spiritual awakening. It has been life altering and transformative.

      To me, paying for this service is a way of honoring the work that Lisa does. I am an independent contractor (in a field not at all connected to spiritual work), and I am often stumped by the number of clients who expect my services for free. There have been countless times where Lisa has gone above and beyond what I’ve paid her, and, at times, I have insisted on paying her extra for her time because I know what it is like to feel taken advantage of (It is awful and degrading). She’s so sweet and generous that it always makes her uncomfortable to take the extra cash, but I have insisted. I value her work and will continue to connect with Prince through Lisa for a long time to come. And yes, HAPPILY pay for it.

      And about not believing it’s really Prince, it’s ok to be skeptical because that’s the world we live in. Five percent of the time, I’ve had doubts. But I believe that was due to human conditioning and fear of judgement. But I know in my heart it is Prince… it’s a feeling and a knowing that is hard to describe. I’ve studied his human life and his music for the last 15 months because I wanted to know him better. What he shares in our sessions is very much aligned with his human life experience. I can tell you, Prince’s messages are anything but broad and generic statements. We have gone REALLY deep on a number of occasions, and he’s shared really personal things about his life in order to help me understand mine. He is magical, loving, supportive, encouraging, hilarious….just like he was in human life. 😉

      Lisa, I love you and I thank God for you. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

  7. That’s like saying to me, as I am an animal nurse that I shouldnt charge as I love animals, yeah sure I love animals but we have to make a living!

    1. Hi Tasha! I think many of us love those very things and go into careers BECAUSE of that deep connection. It’s what makes the best in their fields the best! The deep connection they have with what they’re doing. 🙂 Thank you for your comment and love to you!

  8. Prince would want his messages spread to everyone. I do understand that there are costs maybe with your site. Perhaps a donation would be appropriate ? There are a few of us that receive messages and freely share them so I believe that people will question whether this truly comes from Prince. .. My take on it. I was intrested until I saw that there was a fee it definitely turns a person off.

  9. April… YES! I CANT EVEN put into words how Prince has influenced and changed my life since his transition! I feel incredibly blessed 💜
    Nice comment.

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