Real Friends + Mentors

Greetings to you, Today’s topic for discussion is mentoring – specifically spiritual mentoring. Let’s talk about it briefly as this is likely to be a recurring topic and also a blog post. The way I see it, spiritual mentoring , as I described it in the speech below, is when someone else cares for your soul as much as they … Read More

Somewhere Here on Earth

“And even though I’m all alone 4 what it’s worth U’re somewhere here on Earth” Dearly Beloved, (How do you like my new opening line? Why didn’t I think of that before?) Today, I want to talk with you about feeling alone and how pervasive it is in your world. Our world, really, because I was there too (still am, … Read More

Big and Small

Dearly Beloved, This week’s message will not be a long one as I know your head is quite full enough with other matters. You may or may not know that in the years I was on your planet, I brought a very different vibration. There was a freedom that I longed and fought for to be my own person and … Read More