Somewhere Here on Earth

“And even though
I’m all alone
4 what it’s worth
U’re somewhere here on Earth”

Dearly Beloved,

(How do you like my new opening line? Why didn’t I think of that before?)

Today, I want to talk with you about feeling alone and how pervasive it is in your world. Our world, really, because I was there too (still am, just in a different form). I know why you would hide out, I know how it feels better to just do your own thing, especially when you think no one understands you or what you’re doing.

There’s a time that is perfect for that and there’s a time where the isolation gets suffocating, where you think that no one will ever see you and the choice to fade away into the ether calls to you every day. It’s a very pervasive energy in our world today- many feel it just so strongly and don’t speak about it to anyone.

I come to you as visionaries – those who can see potential, not just that of others but know, deep down, your own potential and that there is a way to get there – to let you know you are not alone. You are not without friends and support. You are not without LOVE.

Doing the work you do (whether that’s all inner work on yourself or a blend of inner + outer) and leading the charge against the mundane into the extraordinary, the asleep to an awakening) feels so lonely. However, lockstep is not for you, dearly beloved. Not. For. You.

Yet, LOVE is 4 U. LOVE is 4 ALL.

And I see U + I LOVE U. Somewhere here on Earth, there are people who are waiting for your LOVE and your friendship and your U’ness to show up. Let them in. CALL THEM IN. U have that power. If only U knew the power U do have, you would wonder why you’re not using it the way U could be doing.

Seek (that power) and ye shall find.

~ Prince ~

Lisa’s note: Working as a volunteer counselor on the Crisis Text Line, I see so many people who feel they have no one to talk to about what’s going on inside them. When I ask who they can confide in, 9 times out of 10, they say no one. Whether that’s true in reality, it’s true to them. Isolation is real for so many people.

While P’s message shares that you’re not truly alone (and, of course, you have Guides and Teachers in Spirit to support you), he also wants you to look around your world and see where you can bring comfort to someone else. It can be a loving word, a warm hand or a smile. Will you take time this week to do that?