I feel grounded, and open and connected again to the importance of creating a sacred space (and ritual) for me to continue growing my own inner space of peace. It also gave me much needed clarity that I needed to hear. It helped bring through some confidence and an “of course” feeling about the way spirit moves through my life. Jenn Tasnim Savage
I liked that I could show up without an agenda and trust that everything was perfect. Thank you–I don’t usually feel this way, especially with the more spiritual or ‘woo’ things I try. I instinctively knew that whatever needed to come through would.

I love that the paradox that is Prince continues on, and you deliver it well. He gently yet firmly stuck his purple boot in my ass.

Lovingly. Nurturing, with the energy of pushing the baby chick out of the nest because it’s time. Patient, yet unwilling to put up with reluctance. Dr. Heather Clark

What Lisa conveyed “rang” so true for me. I had been sensing and feeling Prince since his passing, but having this session gave me the confirmation I needed to trust that we truly do have a connection. I needed the Pep Talk.

I listened to the recording again today, because I just couldn’t find the right words to describe what I gained from the experience; you have to EXPERIENCE it. Duh! But by listening again I got 5 pages of notes! The most valuable thing was to be TOLD “I’ve got you.”

I knew I had Divine help and protection intellectually but hearing it confirmed was just the comfort and inspiration I needed.

And PS (Purple Saturation) – Lisa is really, really good at this!!
Judi P.