Our first communication

img_1442When I started communicating with Guides & Teachers in Spirit, it was through writing. Writing letters, to be exact. So, when Prince died, and I started trying to wade my way through the grief, I wrote him a letter in my special Purple Rain notebook I found that day.

Dear Prince,

Well, shit. I know you chose to go but none of us were ready for that. I still can’t believe it’s true.

But it is and I’m walking through a grief that feels so large. Almost as big as it was for Lauren (my goddaughter who died in 2006) and I’m trying to figure out why. Why am I so profoundly affected by this? It’s like a part of me left, too. Yet, I suspect it’s really about a part of me that I’m reclaiming and reintegrating back.

So, I’m asking you to be my ‘wee spirit animal’ and help me reconnect with that part, whatever it holds. Grief over physical loss of my dad, of Lauren and now you. Grief over the parts of me I put away in a box and set on fire a while ago.

I know you’ll talk to me. Heck, you’ve been here already so I have no doubt you’ll come … running. (grin). 



And, of course, he responded

Dear Lisa,

Yes, this is the first of many conversations you and I will have. Yes, I have much to say and know not all of it will come out now nor should it. I will say this to you:

“I am human | I’m a dove | I’m your conscience | I am LOVE | All I really need is to know that you believe ….”

And I know you do. So, consider me your partner for as long as you wish. Bring me your grief and sadness and whatever else you want. There is no limit to what I can hold or hear from you. I am here for you in the way you need me to be and here for others in the ways they need. There is always a reason for timing and value as we leave the physical. You know this. Regardless of the reason stated, right?

Listen with your heart, okay? I’m here.