Moments of Turmoil, Moments of Joy

Dearly Beloved,

Today I bring you a message I shared with a lovely soul who came before me last week. This tender hearted person was in tears talking about her sadness over the way our world is going and how its people were behaving. With her kind permission, I am sharing with you my words to her:

“I hear you and I shared that view with you when I was in physical form. I want to offer you this different perspective.

As much as I did in the physical, I can do so much more now from this space. You may have known that I’ve reached out to many, many people who are actively doing that work. I was just one person.

But my leaving has impacted many to move into a space they were afraid to move into before and that has a greater impact. You have yet to see the greater impact of that work. It’s been a short time but people have mobilized and also I want to say to you many souls come here to play roles that are needed to awaken and those that appear less than ‘good’, may be playing a role that humanity has called them to play.

We have no way of knowing that from a physical standpoint, but I have EVERY WAY of knowing that from here. And I can tell you that there is a greater good that will come from this turmoil. There truly is. And I can tell you that those who are playing roles in this are doing it very well. They are doing what their soul has chosen and asked them to do.

And in many ways you can look at it with gratitude because there are so many things going on that people are awakening with such great speed.

Why? Because it is out there – the hatred, the hurt – it’s all in full view now. When it was hidden, it’s easy to be asleep. Now? Not so easy. Not so easy.

So I want to give you the perspective that yes, things look awful. They truly do and that’s because your world, our world is in the middle of a huge shift. Shifts are never easy. Never. They look very messy.

Know that I play a role, you play a role, all of those on the stage play a role that their soul has chosen. If they embody the darkness, let’s trust, you and I, let’s trust, that there’s a greater good to it that we cannot know. (Well, I do!) I do know and I’m telling you so you can know, that there IS a greater good coming and not so far away.

So I hear your sadness and I feel your exhaustion at what’s happening. Please trust me when I tell you that it will not always be this way. Imagine it is like puberty. All of a sudden these feelings and thoughts and aggravations and temptations are in front of you had you have no way of managing them. And so one day you’re very nice to your parents and the next day you hate them with the fury of a thousand suns.And eventually you move through that.

Our world is in puberty. There will be moments of peace, there will be moments of war. There will be moments of turmoil and moments of joy. And all of it is exactly how it needs to be.”