Let Go

Dearly Beloved,

Understand that when in body, I was very dedicated and disciplined…but I also was in the flow and that is the only way to create and be a channel. You can’t control the process. Or force or push.

Let Go to let it be wisdom from PrinceYou can stand firm in your dedication and discipline and focus…but you must let go to let it be. And that is what will help. When you feel your energy becoming over anxious…wanting things to be done faster…more…wanting things to be different than they are in that moment…surrender to the flow.

Don’t try to force it energetically or even to get overly excited. Just be. It will all unfold through this state of being.

Until next time, beloved.

~ Prince ~

Lisa’s Notes: I received this guidance from our friend this week when I asked how I could raise myself even more to do this work in a better, higher way.

He’s given me many ideas and plans and I’m anxious to do them all *RIGHT NOW*. I’m learning there’s a difference between laying a foundation for something to grow and putting it all out there when it’s not ready. And I see that I’ve been pushing, pushing, pushing to move things along when really, if I’m truly in the flow, I will know that time intuitively. It was that way with the Purple Saturations and the timing was exquisite.

Is there somewhere you are wanting the flow to be faster? More to your pace so you can relieve the anxiety inside you? Go back and read his words. Then see what that flow is like in your world.

Me? I’m doing it day by day and staying anchored in my superpower, #unwaveringtrust and building the foundation (in life and in work). How about you?