Lessons learned from Prince

Over the almost two years now that I’ve been working with Prince, I’ve learned some interesting things. There’s a song he wrote called “Welcome to the Dawn” (YOU TUBE) and one of the lines is “When the voices U hear commands U/ 2 entertain the absurd”.  That pretty much sums up my last 23 months. And not only have I entertained the absurd, I’ve asked it to move in permanently!

Lessons I learned by entertaining the absurd with Prince:

1) The more off-the-wall and strange the guidance you get, the more you need to do it. Message a random dude on Facebook and tell him dead Prince told you to contact him?  Oh, sure! Why not?
This one is likely good for guidance from any Divine Being – they will always ask you to stretch to meet your potential. Heaven knows I was way out of my comfort zone. Thing is, there is so much goodness that comes from it that you would never even imagine. But you do have to be willing to just do it (as the saying goes) or you’ll never find out.

2) What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Back in February, I had a real fun experience when a post I boosted on Facebook brought a lot of judgement to my door.  I was thisclose to closing down my work with Prince because I felt so misunderstood. Then I remembered his message to me when we first started:“He wants you to understand not everyone is going to get it, not everyone got him either. Be okay with that fully and that is a huge block that will shift and release. When it does, you will see doors fly open.”

There are days when I feel more able to withstand the criticism and days where it makes me want to hide in a closet. But I always come out when I remember that it’s not up to me whether people ‘get it’ or not. It IS up to me to stand in the truth of what I know.

3) Even if you can’t see why you’re being guided in a direction, TRUST. Trust with all your heart.

Him: Hey! Let’s create a Mystery School!
Me: Whaaaat? I don’t even know what that is, really.
Him: Google it 
Me: What is this Seven Sisters Mystery School? And their mascot is a dove? Are you kidding me with this?
Him: “My work here is done.”
Me: (Signs up to Dove Oracle Priestess Camp and creates Divine Trust Academy which is the truest iteration of my soul work yet.)
Him (giggle)
Seriously, all the wonderful Divine Beings you work with can see a path where you might not. I find it’s best to walk your butt down the beginning of that path, if nothing else. 

4) I continue to be amazed at how many lives he’s touched, especially now that he’s in Spirit form. 
I still get 5 or 6 emails a week from those who he’s come to after his transition. They think they’re going crazy because why would Prince (THE Prince!) come to them? His answer? “Because you’re on my wavelength and are open to my messages. Also, it’s a lot of fun for me to sneak up on people like that!” 

If you feel his presence, trust that. Really. I know it’s hard to comprehend on about 300 levels but …. just go with it. He’s asking to share his joy and love with you. If he showed up in the physical and asked to do that, you’d probably say yes, right? Same thing, you just can’t see him is all.  

Be willing to entertain whatever feels absurd to you. Make it a game. Test yourself and your limits and ask Prince for help with that. (Or maybe not. You have no idea what he’ll come up with!) Whatever it is he shares, you can be sure that it will help you be more of who you are. 

But the biggest lesson I’ve learned from working with him? Having a mentor who wants you to succeed and helps you in every way possible is invaluable. Your trust in that mentor? Sacred.