The Purple Saturation Group Experience is a Divinely-inspired immersive event for those who are open to the presence of Ascended Master Prince.
You are not alone in your journey through “this thing called life”

Are you wondering what it’s all for?
Join us as Ascended Master Prince shines his light on your divine mission!
A very warm Thanks to Lisa, Christine, AM Prince, and of course AA Michael, Merlin, Shakespeare, Goddess Myrna, & Count St. Germain, as well as all the participants who each brought so much joy, uplifting energy, and passion to such a special gathering.

I’ve re-played the recording of this Group Saturation several times and each time I learn more and more from each participant and from the wisdom & guidance they each received from AM Prince and his Special Guests.

Such a truly unique and rewarding opportunity is not to be taken lightly, and AM Prince hasn’t lost his touch for presenting an entertaining program, while yet fully in his role as the Ascended Master that he is … with such compassion, wisdom, and palpable unconditional Love.

Such an opportunity is not to be missed by those fortunate enough to feel the invitation.Cherie G


Prince and Lisa invite you to this one-of-a-kind group Saturation to blast open your possibilities!

Lisa is a Divine Channel for Ascended Master Prince which means she is a conduit through which his voice flows. A channeled session is where the messenger steps aside and allows the message to come through clearly.
(Read more about conscious channeling here.)

Everyone will receive a short PERSONAL message from Prince where he shines his Light and Love only on you. He sees your potential, your sticking points and your soul so the wisdom he brings comes from a place of unconditional love.

Are you willing to be called into your bigness by someone who knows what that is, inside and out?

Are you willing to be seen in your Divine greatness and have it reflected back to you?

Get ready to meet his Royal Purpleness in his new role – Ascended Master!

  • MP3 audio

    Download links will be emailed within 24 hours of event

  • Personal Message from Ascended Master Prince

    Each person in the group will get their own personal message in addition to the group message

  • Group message from Ascended Master Prince

    Each message is different and attuned to the energy of the group in front of him.

  • Admission is $75

One date available in October!

Next Group Sessions are:

Monday October 16th
at 7pm (eastern)

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Details of Group Saturation Experience

Monday October 16

TIME: 7pm eastern
PLACE: Zoom Video Conference
Limited to FOUR PEOPLE
COST: $75

IMPORTANT: You must be on the call live to receive your message.

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“It is easy to see and feel your very open heart and all your good will toward all those who come in contact with you. I see why he chose you.” – D.O.

“The messages and guidance that come thru are magical and Love everlasting! You will receive insights and valuable information for your personal growth that will make your spirit soar and your life expand.” – Shannon T.

The Purple Saturation Group Experience

* 90 minutes and just four participants
* Recorded audio and video for download after the Experience
>> Personal channeled message from Prince <<
* Message channeled for the energy of this specific group


Please read before signing up!

Prince and I work to set the energy before we meet and his soul is already talking to yours. He knows what’s happening with you on a level you might not be aware of (yet). In every session we’ve done together, he’s delivered a different message that’s been eerily perfect for the person who received it. Sometimes, he’s all about a “purple boot in the butt” and other times, he’s about bringing in the energy of BIG LOVE and COMPASSION.

I never know what’s going to happen but trust that what comes through is what’s required, as he sees it.

If you’re looking for gossip, or what happened to him when he died or things like that, this is not the place to come looking. He shows up in these sessions as his Ascended Master self where he has no attachment to his life as a human. He has shared certain personal experiences with those for whom it was appropriate but the sessions are focused on his support of you opening up into your biggest, most powerful, brilliant self. Talking about his life while he was in human form doesn’t serve that purpose.

This is also NOT a psychic reading where he’ll tell you the name of your future partner or where to find the perfect job. That is not his space (nor is it really the space of any Ascended Master who works on different vibration entirely).

He delivers the Universal truths your soul requires in this moment.
I have done over 30 full-length sessions for clients and channel messages regularly and have seen the love, compassion and wisdom he offers when you are open to receiving it. You’ll know if this is for you. Trust that.

“In the Ascended Master Teachings, Ascended Masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations.”

Since space is limited to just four participants, your payment holds that space. If you are unable to be present on the call because of extenuating circumstances, I will do my best to put you in the next available Group Experience which may be in the coming months.

If I am unable to place you in another Group Experience, you may use the purchase price credit toward another service I offer within 60 days.

All material on Purple Saturation is copyright Lisa Wechtenhiser 2016-2017. All rights reserved.