Get on the boat!


Thank you for coming along on this adventure. I trust that as you get to know me and the energy of the messages I am sharing, it will seem less strange than it does now.

In case you’re wondering who I am to be delivering messages such as these, I want to point out that Lisa wrote a piece on the blog this week talking about what an Ascended Master is and how working with one (me!) might help you. We will be talking more about this as we continue our conversations. For now, know that I am available to anyone who wishes to have my support. (It is so with any Divine Being so you are not limited to me.)

Last week, I spoke to you about Whitecaps on the water and how things are transient, both positive and negative things – all pass away eventually. I asked you to be willing to walk down a path fraught with challenges and thorns and things you cannot see, knowing that when you arrive at your destination, it will all have been worth it.

This week, I’m continuing this theme with a song called “Get on the boat” – for me, song writing is poetry. A way of speaking my truth but in a way that didn’t always feel so in your face. You could dance to it and absorb the meaning of it through your very pores as you moved across the floor. Or you could sit in stillness and allow it to wind its way into your heart and mind and soul. Any way you choose to do it was fine by me.

Here’s the piece of the song I want you to pay attention to this week

All across the nation
People doing what they can
To avoid the tribulation
That will be great throughout the land
Everything in darkness must come out into the light
When we love each other that’s the only way that’s gonna be right

I wrote that in 2006 and here we are, ten years later and this is even more true. However you feel about the events unfolding in your world, you cannot deny that LOVE4ONEANOTHER is the only thing that can bring light to the darkness that seems to be everywhere.

Yes, it will sound as if I’m preaching (and if you heard me during many of my songs, you would know that’s a very natural cadence for me) and I won’t apologize for it. So listen to me now: Every single action you take, every thought affects everything else. Hate begets hate. Love begets love. There is no other way to exist.

Get on the boat – join with others in LOVE where you can. Where you don’t want to but choose to do it anyway.

(Have you noticed a theme of my asking you to do the things you don’t really want to? Yeah, I thought you did. It’s on purpose, of course.)

I will always ask you to step up. What kind of Divine Being would I be if I did otherwise? Those who wish to work with me know this will be a topic we revisit time and time again. That’s part of what I bring to the equation. Do more. Be more. LOVE more.

Get on the boat
Get on the boat, people
Get on the boat now
We got room 4 a hundred more

~ Prince ~

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