Entertain the Absurd

Dearly Beloved, 

When the things U know are right
are far from what they seem
When the past becomes the future
and time becomes a dream
When the light of God
is the only thing in life that will redeem
Welcome, welcome 2 the dawn

There’s a later line in this song that says “When the voices you hear command U / 2 entertain the absurd” … I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description of what’s going on in your world now.

So, here’s a bit of advice for ‘entertaining the absurd’ from me 2 U:

Go even more deeply into the absurd in your life. What is reasonable? Do the opposite. What is expected? Opposite. What makes sense? Opposite. Invite the absurd into your house like a much-loved guest and entertain the heck out of it.


So you know your center. So you know what is true for you. You will learn that what may be wildly absurd for another is exactly right for you.

Change your name to an unpronounceable symbol? ABSURD!
Write a million songs + store them all in a vault to which you had the only key? ABSURD!
Also, did you know that I didn’t eat much and mostly just smelled food? ABSURD!

See? And that’s just what popped into my head. I could spend days sharing stories of my utter absurdity in this last human life but that’s not the point (Amusing, yes. Point? no.)

When you invite absurdity in and treat it well, you learn much more about yourself than you could ever imagine.

Why? Because you open up to your inner weirdness. The weirdness you don’t want anyone to see. Love that inner weirdo. If I were there, I’d love up on it, too. Let it out to play, bring it along with you.

More than anything, really, entertaining the absurd is allowing that part of you that wants to be free out into the open. At first, it will feel strange. But what if it takes you on a new adventure? What if it asks you to do things you never had the nerve to do?

What if you and Absurd because friends? Good friends? A friend you trusted to lead you into something you’ve never imagined?

That’s be pretty cool. Just don’t ask for a camel in Minnesota at 3am. They might not give it to you.

Absurdly yours,

Lisa’s comment: Well, this message wasn’t the one he had rolling around in my head all day! Just goes to show you, I’m not at the helm here. I’m a channel for the absurd Master P. Gotta love it, right?