Conversations with Dead People


Amy Venezia was the fabulous medium I went to for clarity on my work with Prince after reading these two articles. It’s part of a larger “Conversations with Dead People” where they also talk with Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana.

Here’s what I consider to be some of the best parts of the conversation Amy had with Prince. Links to both parts are also at the bottom of this article.

As channeled by Amy Venezia with MJ Pack Part One

Part One:

Amy: Freedom. Was what he believed in most in his life, in his time in body. Freedom away from what society and the world tries to box you into and make you believe. A lot of that came out as sexual energy, but he understood what the sexual energy… that it’s about energy.

The closest thing we have to connection with divinity, and so even when he exuded sexuality it was even then in a sacred sense of allowing the freedom of your channel to have divinity flow through it. Whether that’s sexual, whether it’s playing prolific guitar, songwriting, performing… Whatever that was.

His main message was freedom. And understanding that the… brainwashing of trying to take out the individual beauty of a human being to make them more… sheeple. Was what he was completely against. And so the way he dressed, the music he wrote, the way he expressed himself, the way he allowed spirit to move through him was all about freedom and letting go of the judgments of what we’re supposed to be and how we’re supposed to think. And the rule. Especially when it’s governed by people who are trying to control you and put you under their thumb.


Part Two

Amy: Part of the process, and why we are here on this planet in general, is to stop believing the lie and start believing the truth. And remembering the truth. And if you can understand that the truth is: there is nothing that can harm you or hurt you in reality. Because you are a perfect and whole creation connected to the creative source that made this whole entire solar system. Whatever that is. You are a speck of that. That’s divinity. It’s so the human process is about… understanding that that is constant. And when these mortars come in and rock your world, take you down at the knees, you feel like you just got punched in the gut… and all of those waves of emotion start coming over you… Our process as human beings on this planet is to become quicker and quicker in realizing we are a speck of divinity.


Conversations with Dead People  – Prince

Part One

Part Two

You can find Amy Venezia HERE.