Hi there,

I’m tickled to see how many of you are interested in taking this connection to another level with Prince. He tells me that you’ll be able to use this process to connect with other Divine Beings as well as him so bonus, eh?

Prince and I have been chatting about the class and we’ve gone back and forth about charging, not charging, etc. and finally settled upon this: we are asking you to make a donation to a charity that he supported while here.

What charity and how much you choose to contribute is up to you and there’s no need to share it or prove to me you’ve given. Your word is your bond and Prince and I know you will make good on your word. All you have to tell is email me and say “I’m in” and I’ll add you to the FB group and we’ll plan our fun there.

You can use this article to give you a list of some of the causes and specific foundations he contributed to.

Here’s how I think it will work:

1) We’ll do it on Zoom video conferencing (www.zoom.us)

2) Date TBA but I’m happy to do one night group and one weekend so everyone can do this. Likely this month since we only have one group session but possibly in August. I’ve created a closed FB group for this so once you’re officially IN, I’ll send you a link to gain access. It will be a safe space where you can explore what it’s like to do this work.

3) He’s going to be running the show so I really don’t know how it will flow once we all get in there. I have a sense of it but nothing concrete. If you’re willing to play with that level of fun and mystery, this is definitely for you! I’m making no guarantees but come with trust – in yourself, in him and in me and see what’s possible from that space.

What might be interesting is if we can bring through different flavors of his message and share them (anonymously, if you wish) on a page of Purple Saturation so others can benefit from them as well! (YEY)

So, what do you need to do next?

1) Make a contribution to one of the charities that was close to Prince’s heart of any amount at all.

2) Click the link below and ask for access to the Facebook group. I’ll approve your request asap. No need to tell me how much or where you sent it. That’s between you and him.

Remember, this is all about FUN so just come with an open mind a a trusting heart and see what happens!¬†You can email me Q’s if you’d like. Happy to answer. (Click the CONTACT link from the menu tab above.)

I am SO in!