On the occasion of my first (but likely not last) visit to Paisley Park for Celebration 2018, I want to share something with you. If you’re on my email list, you know that Prince has shared a lot of written messages through me. Some are posted here, most were sent to the list. I got the idea to pull them … Read More

“Be Bolder in your love”

Entertain the Fantastic, the Facebook group where we’re working with Ascended Master Prince had its first channeled session on August 1, 2017. It was, of course, amazing. Prince came through with a pretty serious message about stepping up how we love in this world. This was the first time I’ve channeled him in front of this many people (there were … Read More

Real Friends + Mentors

Greetings to you, Today’s topic for discussion is mentoring – specifically spiritual mentoring. Let’s talk about it briefly as this is likely to be a recurring topic and also a blog post. The way I see it, spiritual mentoring , as I described it in the speech below, is when someone else cares for your soul as much as they … Read More

Somewhere Here on Earth

“And even though I’m all alone 4 what it’s worth U’re somewhere here on Earth” Dearly Beloved, (How do you like my new opening line? Why didn’t I think of that before?) Today, I want to talk with you about feeling alone and how pervasive it is in your world. Our world, really, because I was there too (still am, … Read More

Big and Small

Dearly Beloved, This week’s message will not be a long one as I know your head is quite full enough with other matters. You may or may not know that in the years I was on your planet, I brought a very different vibration. There was a freedom that I longed and fought for to be my own person and … Read More

Entertain the Absurd

Dearly Beloved,¬† When the things U know are right are far from what they seem When the past becomes the future and time becomes a dream When the light of God is the only thing in life that will redeem Welcome, welcome 2 the dawn There’s a later line in this song that says “When the voices you hear command¬†U … Read More

Get on the boat!

Greetings! Thank you for coming along on this adventure. I trust that as you get to know me and the energy of the messages I am sharing, it will seem less strange than it does now. In case you’re wondering who I am to be delivering messages such as these, I want to point out that Lisa wrote a piece … Read More

Moments of Turmoil, Moments of Joy

Dearly Beloved, Today I bring you a message I shared with a lovely soul who came before me last week. This tender hearted person was in tears talking about her sadness over the way our world is going and how its people were behaving. With her kind permission, I am sharing with you my words to her: “I hear you … Read More

Let Go

Dearly Beloved, Understand that when in body, I was very dedicated and disciplined…but I also was in the flow and that is the only way to create and be a channel. You can’t control the process. Or force or push. You can stand firm in your dedication and discipline and focus…but you must let go to let it be. And … Read More

Why is receiving so hard for us all?

Dearly Beloved, Today, we’re talking about receiving. As in, why is that so difficult for almost everyone? We long for people to tell us they like us, they want to help us and be there for us. But when they ask “how can I help?” we respond “I’m fine. Thanks.” What? What? Did you not just wish for this? And … Read More