Big and Small

Dearly Beloved,

This week’s message will not be a long one as I know your head is quite full enough with other matters. You may or may not know that in the years I was on your planet, I brought a very different vibration. There was a freedom that I longed and fought for to be my own person and to act as mentor to those who also needed that like air. As my personal success grew, it was clear to me that more was needed from me and I had the means to do it.

You may also know that in my later years, I converted to the religion of Jehovah’s Witness and was very devoted to that process because it was a sacred chalice for all the work I would do. One of the basic tenets of that space was that all charitable giving was done without name, without fanfare. That suited me perfectly in many ways because I did not want to be the center of that giving even as I was signing the checks for it was not about me.

The means to do this work came TO me, and went THROUGH me to others. But there was never, not ever any question that I was not the source of that giving. An Ascended Master takes no credit for the credit is not theirs to take. All comes from the Divine, the One.

You do not need to be a walking, breathing Ascended Master to understand this.

Why am I sharing this with you now? Because your world, nay OUR world is in need of giving without desiring credit. Recognizing that credit is due only to The One, The Divine from whom all good flows.

You, like I, have the means to do this.

And please, let me be clear on this. Means does not equal money in every case. I had the latter, yes. You may also have that.

But to give from your Divine Source requires only your heart, dear one. No more. No less.

Our world is in need of your heart.

All that you do from that pure space, whether it’s holding open a door for the person behind you or sitting next to someone who is in need of companionship to donating a portion of your earnings to a cause that brings you joy – WE NEED U.

My plea to you is to look at where you can bring your heart into your life in a new way. In ways big and small for all indeed count.

“Stop looking for credit. We’re supposed to take care of each other.”

~ Prince

Message from Lisa:

I’ve been busy this past week with a LOT of things (especially spending time volunteering on the Crisis Text Line with many distraught people on election night and the few days afterward) and even found time on Friday to facilitate two Purple Saturation Sessions.

Prince was -on fire- Friday! Holy Ducks!

The same person who coined the phrase “I got a purple boot up my ass” got the other boot this time around but she did ask for it, bless her brave heart.

And the second woman, well, you’ll have to watch the video called “Bone Deep Knowing” to hear a little more about it. Prince gave her confirmation about a couple things she wanted to know about and exact instructions for a really awesome project they’re doing together. (I can’t wait to see that one come to life. Trust me, it’s so so so cool!)

Thing is, the Saturation Sessions aren’t just a way to understand what your soul is here to work on.

They are an invitation to expand in ways you haven’t yet seen but, by virtue of you showing up in front of him, are completely ready to step into.

I’ve now done over 30 of these sessions and they’ve blossomed into something I never saw coming. Each one is unique (just like you). Trust me, Prince sees you on a level you don’t yet see yourself (but could soon) and gives support that’s exactly right for where you are now.

This is truly the work I’ve been preparing to do for, well, lifetimes. That I get to do it, in this way, in this time, calls me to expand MY SELF in ways I never knew I had in me. (But he did!)

What’s possible for you when you meet up with Ascended Master Prince? I invite you to find out!

Love and Peace to you,