“Be Bolder in your love”

Entertain the Fantastic, the Facebook group where we’re working with Ascended Master Prince had its first channeled session on August 1, 2017. It was, of course, amazing. Prince came through with a pretty serious message about stepping up how we love in this world.

This was the first time I’ve channeled him in front of this many people (there were 40 on the Zoom conference line) and his energy was like nothing I’ve ever seen or felt before.

Take a listen (it’s about 20 minutes long) and if you have thoughts or comments about what it stirred up for you, leave them in the comment section below.

2 Comments on ““Be Bolder in your love””

  1. The Greatest Romance was the first song that came up for me. Prince wants us to know that the greatest romance we can have is with our divine selves. He is truly an ascended master and was during his time on earth.
    Thank you Lisa for your beautiful channeling. Prince is so loving and loved. None of us will ever be or feel alone again.
    L. (professionally trained ballet dancer and teacher who fell in love with Prince over 30 years ago, not realising the powerful impact he would play at this stage of my life.)
    Thank you beautiful Lisa! xxx

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