Lisa Wechtenhiser

Channel for Ascended Master Prince

Lisa has been working with Guides and Teachers in Spirit professionally for over eight years at PracticallyIntuitive and now at LisaMW . She’s highly skilled at taking wisdom from the Higher Realms and helping you put it into action so things change in your life as a result. She’s warm and funny and can carry on three conversations at the same time without missing a beat (which confounds her husband all the time!).

You can read her story of the interesting mystical connection with Prince here. For anyone who knows her well, it was a natural progression to be a channel for Prince.

His Royal Purpleness

Ascended Master

After a human life filled with doing every possible thing he could, playing just about every instrument known to man, writing more songs than we can listen to in a lifetime and standing up for artists’ rights over their own music, Prince danced his way on back to the Universe from whence he came.

As an Ascended Master, he works with Lisa to help others expand into their greatness as he did during his human life. (You don’t need to wear heels and feather boas to do that, he says. Unless U want 2.)